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"The music industry is dated; we decided to make some changes!"


Welcome to a new way to access music for streaming, recording, performing, EP/LPs, etc!  

We are here to inspire, teach and enhance the lives of artists, songwriters and other creatives across the world.














In the midst of a marketplace flooded with novice beat makers, supposed industry gurus and fame seekers we bring you LOGICAL VIBRATIONS!     

What's Logical Vibrations?

Logical Vibrations is similar to a streaming service but way better! A pass gives you free access to download as much as you want from our exclusive Vibes Gallery AND any new releases we add during the duration of your pass! We are a mission based company, 95% profit from our passes goes directly into charitable acts and organizations that directly enhance the life of people and ocean animals! *Vibe is our word for instrumental/beat/musical composition etc!

How much does a pass cost?

We are currently offering two introductory passes $11.95 for one vibe Weekender Pass $29.95 for unlimited 30 day Weekender Plus Pass More pass options will be activated soon!

What can I do with the vibes?

Say goodbye to split sheets and producer royalties! We do not want to limit your success by putting too many limits and terms on what you can do. Once you purchase a pass you can make unlimited revenue in streams, performances, sales etc. AND never owe us a dime! Our simple terms and value are unmatched.

Can anyone get a pass?

Unfortunately No. This comunity was created to help spread positivity and variety back into music. If your music or content glorifies or promotes killing, hurting anyone, drug use, hate etc you will not be approved for a pass. If we find you purchase a pass and violate the terms of the agreement your pass will immediatedly be rescinded and there will be swift take down action.


Octave-the sea jelly



Its a business!! Your content is a product that you want someone to invest their time AND money into whether consumer directly or a label/distributor. It needs to be unique enough to resonate with your target audience as essential!


Match your personal musical voice with Vibes that excite & inspire you to write and create. The vibes should fit the subject, tone and feel of the mood you want your audience in. Attention to detail is essential in carving out your sonic identity.


Get honest feedback from the people you make your music or content for. Ask them what they like and didn't like. When people tell you the same things take note & make adjustments! You are now fine tuning your product.




Once you have a product that is unique & immediately essential to your target demographic, consumers all over with the same tastes would be interested!

Continue to learn & build value in your brand."Its about taking control of your career before taking it to the next level!"


All vibes are created by music industry experts "Just Add Content/Lyrics!"

  • We are committed to providing vibes that are fresh and innovative

  • We start with some of the most inspiring sounds available and create off intuition

  • Each vibe is unique and meticulously crafted to maximize feel & mood


Vibes consist of:

Intelligent musical performance's with change ups and subtle details that commands and keeps the listeners attention, moody and sophisticated melodies add character, class and feel, feel and mood is enhanced with bouncing drums and deliberate imprecision, tension and resolution is created which in tern creates anticipation excitement and unlimited replay value

Try a Pass

The Artist Rehab Pass is the best way for us to collaborate with and help artists and creatives to collect the art we have in our gallery and get the most out of it by getting advice, insight and constructive feedback. Let us know your needs and we will recommend or create vibes to fulfill your ideas and concepts. If you have no idea where to start we can help with that also!

Our Impact

This site was created as a way to give back

  • 95% Profit to Logical Smiles helping people and ocean animals live!

  • We want a win-win situation for our team and our supporters

  • With each pass purchase we can donate more time & resources into giving back, educating and creating more positive VIBES!


Exclusive Compositions

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Destination playlists are related by moods, feel and time of day!! Visit  a

room below for ultimate vibe!

Fun and Light - Dark and Heavy

Flamingo Heat


early day

High Tide


calm- evening

Ultra Plush


late evening

Coral City


late night

Celestial Lights



"Find your sound, find your audience"

Logical Vibrations provides development services, sonic freshness and value that transcend anything anyone has ever heard of on earth! We offer clearance-free industry ready instrumentals/vibes that are exquisite and pleasant to hear!

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