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Mission Stories

Mission stories showcase our work to dynamically change lives and accomplish goals as a team with our communities help! (Thanks Supporters) We choose missions that fulfills urgent purpose and sets forth a path to prosperity, greater well being and peace. We hope you get inspired to help others! 

Each mission has unique challenges with extra unique rewards!

Connect with a Project

Have a product, expertise or business   that can help? Connecting to a mission easily sets your brand apart and allows people to see and remember your expression of care forever! Talk to our mission stories team for info.

We want to see more young Belizian business owners and entrepreneurs opening creative and prosperous businesses taking advantage of all of the natural beauty, resources and untapped opportunities within the country and outside. (Shout out Marie Sharp's Pepper Sauces!)

Provide scholarships for skills training in country.

Provide way for training or other activities in the states that will enhance the youths community, broaden their skill set and enhance their talent with fresh scope and a broadened outlook!

Housing for the poor by restoring homes, proving shelter, repairing these homes will be beneficial for Belizeans.

Provide food, clothing and other needed goods to villages with mission winners.

Provide business start up from concept to open doors and renovations.


Project Uplift (Belize)

An uplifting mission, that inspires and motivates the youth of Belize! A beautiful paradise with friendly, talented and energetic youth! Its important for these youth to continuously see others within reach doing positive things so they can be inspired to follow suit fueling their own ideas & passions!


Project H2O (Various Areas)

How does it feels to be made of 55-60% water and not have clean drinking water? Now imagine not knowing the water was unsafe and raising multiple generations with it! Whether malicious deeds or decrepit infrastructure people need clean H2O today, tomorrow, 2030, 2090...

Water is essential and vital to our health because it's keeps your body functioning properly and healthy. Without water dehydration can cause health issues like for instance poor physical or performance. There is a water crisis all over the world and being able to provide free resources by donating bottles of water, test kits and water purification kits will be helpful for communities of people all over the world.

In Haiti like many developing nations in the world, is currently devastated by a lack of clean water and the systems that provide it. Most of the water source are contaminated with human waste because the absence of a sewage sanitation system. We will like to help give back to nations like Haiti who are suffering from these water crisis to gain access to clean water.

Flint Michigan water supply was contaminated with lead and bacteria because Michigan changed their municipal water supply source from Detriot-supplied lake huron water to the flint river. The reasoning for this was the government because Michigan especially during the time President Obama was in Office didn't do anything to help fix the problem. Giving back to to assist communities that are dealing with poisoned water supply like Flint Michigan will be one of our missions.

1 in 5 children world wide globally does not have enough of water to meet their daily needs. Many communities living in certain areas depends on surface water, unimproved sources, or water which can take more than 30 minutes to collect. We will connect with individuals who cares about helping others and not any of these organizations we see today who has made promises to help people but in return has used money for their personal gain. Water is Life.

At home testing water kits and filtration systems will be beneficial and helping insure that the water quality is safe for people to drink.

In Jackson, Mississippi there is a water crisis which has been said that the resources are continuing to dry up and need further assistance because the crews are working to replace the pipe system which will cost families and local businesses up to 10 years for a real solution. This is why our mission is to help states like this where community people of color.

There is currently a world wide food shortages that is affecting millions of people right, especially the children and families. In America there are food shortages that shows no signs of slowing down or getting better. Unfortunately, many farmers are being told by the government to destroy crops with agent orange and are paying them off to complete this mission. This is why is it important that we help give back to those we are need and provide them with resources.

It's important and time for families to work together and grow their own food one step at a time. I know many are unable to grow food but we can at least help provide information to help those who don't know how to make the first steps in being more self efficient.

We want to connect with genuine people who want to help and give back to their community. There are many organizations that steal from the people they suppose to help and this is right. So we want to be a light and make things better for people's lives who need someone to put a smile on their face.

A food recall has been going on for a many years now and it will only get worse as the government has more control over what you eat. That is why we promote growing our own food and providing resources where we can help others grow food or store food will be very beneficial.

Modern society has become too materialistic. Its about money, jewelry, cars, clothes and etc. Many base their value system on material when the world around them is shifting and changing.

Growing vegetables can be done on balcony, patio and many other places no matter how small a person's space is. Proving those who don't have the means with starter kits to grow food will be beneficial.


Project Grow (Various Areas)

Depending on grocery stores/the government to provide food in uncertain times has not been working out too well for many! With all the gmo's, processed and loosely labeled "organic" foods its great to know where your food is coming from anyway. Even if its a few items! Growing food is life!   

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