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Mission Stories

Mission stories showcase our work informing, accomplishing goals & dynamically change lives with our communities help! (Thanks Supporters) We choose missions that fulfill urgent purpose and sets forth a path to prosperity, greater well being and inner peace. We hope you get inspired to help others!

Each mission has unique challenges with extra unique rewards!

Connect with a Project

Have a product, expertise or business that can help? Connecting to a mission easily sets your brand apart and allows people to see and remember your expression of care forever!  Reach our mission stories team with form below!

We want to see more young business owners and entrepreneurs opening creative and prosperous businesses taking advantage of all of the natural resources and untapped opportunities within the country. Tourism is a great! Having local products tourists want when they are back home is even better!

Providing scholarships for skills training in country eliminates a heavy burden and allows students to focus on studies and future goals.

Some things are out of reach! We provide way for training or other activities in the states that broaden skill sets and enhances talent with fresh scope and focused outlook ultimately adding value, inspiration and knowledge to their community!

Uplifting the community comes standard! From family events to providing shelter, building homes, restoring, updating and making accessible!

Providing food, clothing and other needed goods to areas with mission winners is one of the ways we can motivate, encourage and uplift.

Ultimately providing help from start up concepts to open doors ensure efficient measures are taken to ensure feasibility, compliance and demand.


Project Uplift (Caribbean & Central America)

An inspiring mission, to uplift and motivate youth throughout Central America & the Caribbean! Beautiful places with friendly, talented and energetic youth! Its important for the youth to continuously see others within reach doing positive things so they can be inspired to follow suit fueling their own ideas & passions!


Project Water (US, Caribbean, Central America, Africa)

How does it feels to be made of 55-60% water and not have clean water to drink? Now, imagine raising multiple generations not knowing the water your family used was contaminated! Whether malicious deeds or decrepit infrastructure people need clean water!

From natural disasters to political disasters finding safe drinking water can become a challenge within a single news brief. (Flint Mi, Jackson Ms) Unfortunately many US counties have unsafe drinking water and most people are clueless in emergencies when the tap is not an option.

Flint and Jackson exposed a larger issue or system that had nothing to do with water. People should understand what they ingest and submerge their body in daily. Home testing kits expose everything from pfas levels to toxins and lead.

Worldwide 1 in 5 children do not get enough water to meet their daily needs. Many communities living in rural areas depends on surface water, hazardous sources, or water which can take hours to gather.

With all the printed money and immediate funds for war, people should not have to fight to get something so essential and vital yet this is the case in many places. In this world the desired outcome is seen as beneficial hence the ineptitude on behalf of governments.

Tapping into underground water wells brings a stable water source to communities that cant access clean water. Unfortunately many communities do not have the funds or equipment for such life changing undertakings.

We all know water is essential and vital for survival! Providing test kits, water purification kits, well drilling, rain harvesting setups along with training for everyday preparation will dramatically change and empower communities all over with fresher days.

Preparing for reality and understanding present times is wisdom. Food shortages affect millions & with food prices rising everyday its empowering to simply place a seed in soil and watch food come up like creator intended.

Project grow preps & equips participants with the knowledge needed to cultivate in small spaces to larger neighborhood garden spaces. Planting to preparing, storing and sharing! Free starter kits inspire immediate hobby!

Many foods and herbs grow fast and can be easily grown in standard items with great yeild. Starting a food source as a family is an essential family activity that promotes life and healthier habits!

Project Grow instills an appreciation for self-sufficiency, awareness of health and the value of land ownership. When you work the land it begins to work for you.

Community gardens and food banks are integral to making a lasting and foundational impact in communities that take part in project grow. Healthier food choices equal a healthier and more aware community.

Community gardens serve as practical learning spaces, fostering sharing and mutual support among participants. These gardens not only provide a source of fresh produce but also a hub for exchanging knowledge on grow methods, natural healing and the medicinal herbs.


Project Grow (US, Caribbean, Central America)

Depending on grocery stores/the government to provide food in uncertain times has not been working out too well for many! With all the gmo's, processed and loosely labeled "organic" foods its great to know where your food is coming from. Growing and knowing real food and healing herbs is life!   


Project Neighbor (Various Areas)

We should love our neighbor as ourself! It's an essential part of being a light amongst the expertly crafted wars of self hatred, envy, addiction and dark violence imbued in our culture. Its time we remember our neighbors and put away the evil towards each other! 

The American dream for some is an ignored nightmare for many. A stripped identity + dehumanizing trauma + social conditioning and external hate opens the door to a people connecting with everything other than each other.

Artists set apart from the noise spreading peace, love, healing and truth in the world! Central to Project Neighbor's mission is using music as a tool for inspiring unity, respect, goodwill and love in our communities.

Every community has its own specific needs and points of contention, focusing on faith and family sets forth a foundation that addresses many pervasive issues. Workshops and training events delve into efficient problem solving, building stronger community ties and establishing foundational anchors.

Volunteering is essential to any successful neighbor program. Those with gifts, talents and accomplishments must galvanize their community by working it! This is literally the way to get your community behind you!

Organized weekly community events and activities break circles of idle nothingness and deter activities detrimental to peace and well being of others in the community.

Many will say they thought but we say read for yourself and know! Since Adam followed Eve people have been seduced and enamored with the urge to follow others (including their own vain thoughts) versus following the direct words from our creator!

A Mission to Change Hearts!

Poverty, corruption, seclusion and insecurity creates a cloud of despair, desperation and doubt that ultimately befalls the hearts of those in marginalized communities throughout the world. The filibustering conundrum of politics & promises has never worked!

Image by George Pagan III

Take Part

Whether community center, business or individual, learn how to take action in ways that count!  



Being an inspiration to your community has benefits! The right story and passion can mobilize a mission story!



Whether donating time, services, food & resources, clothing or land everything is appreciated and wisely put to use!

*We depend on our trusted community to alert us of potential missions, people, organizations and communities we could assist in bringing relief, progression, peace & love!

Reality In Perspective

The world has reached an impasse - Between 1990 and 2019 cancer rates in 204 countries surged 79.1% to 3.26 million in ages 14-49 - Wars are announced like movies - Food lost security when people stopped growing it -the earth shakes from overdosed corruption

With all the schooling, politics, sciences & "moving forward", Humanity seems to be in a stupor!


Trillion spent on war.114 million displaced by force.103 billion spent for "space programs". (worldwide 2022) 14.4 billion spent on 2020 US election 


Legislators, 5 living Presidents, 2 Supreme Court Justices, 11 Governors in US politics 2023 who descended from ancestors of slave owners. 


Of U.S. counties have food insecurity.Every community in the country is home to families who face hunger. 59.5% of Americans struggle to afford grocery.


Of people living in poverty have been affected by corruption.32% of people in the Caribbean live in poverty. 107,543 US drug overdose deaths in 2023.


Individuals hold as much wealth as 50% of the worlds population. S&P CEO's average 272 times median workers. The richest 1% own 54 percent of stock and mutual funds.


Of US renters can no longer afford rent in 2024. Homes (40% by 2030) have been acquired by corporations inflicting high rental prices & stringent policies.  

Lets make great 
things happen!

If you would like to apply to participate in a mission or be a recipient wether individual, organization or community please fill out the form and a mission specialist will get back with you soon. 

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