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"The current music industry is based on a foundation of pre-internet thinking and physical sales which required distribution and logistics. The digital possibilities today are only limited by creative thought and execution." Octave

Entering and changing a worldwide market is fun when you have the Earth's most gifted, skilled and forward thinking minds freely creating and executing "what if's" together! We are building a community where talent thrives, information is shared, giving is standard and growth is inevitable!


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Music Director

We are stretching the impact of music like never before!

  • We provide a cleaner, fresher soundtrack (Fresh Vibes + Fresh Artists) for those trying to avoid the pollution in the world.

  • There are billions of people on Earth who love music, but not enough artists tastefully & effectively providing music they can play around their entire family and build memories with. 

  • We are here to guide and develop artist that reject or would be rejected by record labels for not having a certain look, social following or cliche, unoriginal style.

  • We are passionate about producing and continuing the musical legacies of our legendary artists  

  • Our producer-directors work as personal chefs to develop sonic flavors, tastes and flows that are unique to you and the magnetic qualities of your voice and personality. 

  • Music should be fun, thought provoking, relatable and about your experiences and observations, not a proverbial idea planted in your subconscious from years of what you eat becoming all you know.

  • Our mission-based approach to music is what the modern creative needs to create compelling and lifetime achievements from their art.  

  • By having purpose and passion as the driving force of your content/art/work, your focus shifts to what you can do for other people.

  • The more empathetic you become, the more your art will naturally grow beyond yourself and connect with your audience.  

  • Our staff is equipped with 100% real-world experience to fuel creative journeys from start to finish!

  • We align with individuals who deliver spectacular work and can impel the mission of our company and community friends.

  • We could list pages of individual accomplishments and accolades but we are here to write a new story!

New Positions Open Soon

join the Logical vibrations team

"Help us  expand the most giving, innovative and sonically fresh music company ever!"   

Want to use your talents for a greater purpose? Have you made it to "the Industry/aka the game" to only become disenfranchised, mistreated or thrown unrealistic & unfair expectations? Tired of filth being pushed through the mainstream to the youth? Logical Vibrations may be the place to stretch your creative wings! We are quietly expanding into something very special and integral to the future of positive music business!

Inspiring creative environment


Flexible autonomous work vibe

Great pay and fullfilment

Bi-annual vacation/retreat

Wellness and herbal reimbursment

Parental leave & support

We support your  dreams

Leaving the industry is as  simple as..
Saying Hello

Please complete the form to let us know more about you or even recommend yourself for a position with us! 


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