Logical Smiles

"Progressing Music, Progressing People!"

95% of Profits to Charity

Our "95% of Profits to Charity" commitment is an important value to the foundation of Logical Vibrations. Traveling the earth has allowed us to see the need for TRUE  assistance for those in need of basic essentials. Although some say that "POVERTY is a state of mind", at Logical Vibrations, we believe that COMPASSION is a state of mind. It's a very important part of our story, it's in our DNA, it's why we exist.



We are proud of this commitment and want to be clear and transparent about exactly what "95% of Profits to Charity" means. In simple terms, when we say 95% of profits, we mean what's left over (aka surplus, balance, difference) after normal business expenses are deducted from all the income that is generated from the sales of our vibes and passes.


All businesses (commercial or nonprofit) are subject to normal business expenses required to operate, we are no different. Our expenses include employee compensation and benefits, time, marketing and advertising, supplies, occupancy costs, taxes, etc. Nonetheless, we are committed to always using our gifts and talents to help those in need.

"We're more than just vibes! For people without, we are a Life Jacket. For those in the dark, we are a Light House.. For those needing support, we are an Anchor."-Octave

Food, Water, Clothing
Shelter, Tablets, Internet, Essentials

Renewable Energy, Building & Renovating Homes, Farming,
Ocean Restoration

Business Creation, Start-Up Funding, Scholarships,
Skills Training

  Logical Smiles Kicks off Winter 2021

We are in our pre-launch (sea skimmer) phase. Stay connected for more info!


We have exciting plans in the works that allows us to give back like never before! The word charity has been tarnished by many faulty movements and organizations! Many times people receive little to no progressive help and their situations remain the same for generations. We are by no means a charity; we are the most forward thinking and talented music company on earth!  

We seek to make connections and build with local organizations, artists, small businesses, creatives and others that can give directly to people in and around their community. It's what we are here for! Making a dynamic impact in music, making lives better and the oceans safer for our ocean friends!

Initiatives 2021-2022:

  • Feed people (Food, Information and Vibes)

  • Implement innovative ideas that provide long term opportunity and change. (ex. One pass is more than what someone has made all week in a lot of places. What if we could fund a beach clean up crew and ocean awareness campaign? It would instantly create employment and also make the ocean and beach less polluted. When we saw a complete sofa in the ocean we knew we had to do something! 

  • Produce, develop and direct a new generation of mission-minded artists, producers and creatives.

What we know to be true:

  • Music is too big to be held to standards and confines of bureaucracy, its time for something new!

  • The music industry is no different from the modern food industry, profits come before quality and consumer safety.

  • Farming and what we eat or have available to eat is important!

  • The ocean is important along with local water sources!

  • Start-up funding is essential to generations and communities growing and self-sustaining.

Octave Says:

  • There are always people in the world experiencing poverty.

  • Fortunately for these people, many still find happiness.

  • Tomorrow is not promised and to expect otherwise takes away from the gift of presence and opportunity.

  • If time (from The Creator) is not the most valuable thing you have, slow down and find yourself.