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Logical Smiles

"Progressing Music, Progressing People!"

100% of Profits to Charity

"Before launching and selling any passes or vibes, we planted fruitful seeds so no matter how big our sound gets, our efforts to give back will always be ahead."


Our "100% of Profits to Charity" commitment is embedded in our foundational values. Corporations like Apple, Universal, Sony and Spotify use music to exponentially grow their products, valuations and consumer reach, yet make no real investments into the living standards, pay or well being of artists and musicians involved!

 Traveling the earth allows us to witness the struggles for basic essentials and REAL assistance, while those with much feel completed giving the bare minimum. Although some say "POVERTY is a state of mind", at Logical Vibrations COMPASSION is our state of being. It's in our DNA and why we exist!

We are proud of this commitment and want to explain what "100% of Profits to Charity" means. In simple terms, when we say 100% of profits, we mean what's left over (aka surplus, balance, difference) after normal business expenses are deducted from all the income that is generated from the sales of our vibes and passes. 

All commercial and nonprofit businesses are subject to normal business expenses to operate, we are no different. Our expenses include employee compensation, marketing, advertising, occupancy costs, investments, travel, equipment, taxes, supplies, etc. Nonetheless, we are committed to using our gifts and talents to spread goodness and love.


100% profit to charitable causes, ensures our music not only uplifts spirits but also supports those in need around the world.

"We're more than just vibes! For the submerged, we are a Life Jacket. For those in the dark, we are a Light House.. For those needing support, we are an Anchor."-Octave

Food, Water, Clothing
Shelter, Computers, Internet, Essentials

Renewable Energy, Building & Renovating Homes, Farming,
Ocean Restoration

Business Creation, Start-Up Funding, Scholarships,
Skills Training

Summer Smiles 2024

We have exciting plans in the works that allows us to give back like never before! The word charity has been tarnished by many faulty movements and organizations! Many times people receive little to no progressive help and their situations remain the same for generations. We are by no means a charity; we are the most forward thinking, innovative and talented music company on earth!  

We seek to make connections and build with local organizations, artists, small businesses, companies, creatives and others with a passion to help to people in and around their community. It's what we are here for! Making a dynamic impact in music, the lives of people and the oceans safer for our ocean friends!

Operation "Sea Skimmer" officially kicked off in Spring 2021. While on mission in Central America, our directors and staff were blessed to connect with local communities that inspired and moved them with their humility, ways of life and welcoming warmth despite obstacles or oppression. The dreamers they found taking action for their family and community led us into immediate action developing a missions program that would enhance, sprout & nurture seeds of positivity into reality. Our mission stories share intimate and inspiring glimpses into realities across the earth today and shows how not being greedy and caring for others can lead to dreams being fulfilled.




Changing Perspectives and Perceptions

Advancing Directives With Qualitative Results

Supplementing Equality Gaps With Sustained Action

Progressing  Humility And


Latest Missions Story Winners!

Marsha, Guzman
Seine Bight, Belize

Jaime, Acosta
Bella Vista, Belize

Dreams bigger than your current environment? We change circumstances and outlooks for selfless dreamers! Whats your story? for further instructions! Sorry, all soil isn't fertile!

Amplifying voices of the unheard and underappreciated!

Many of the problems and issues in the world have simple fixes. Unfortunately its much corruption, collusion and greed in this world! If you only see the surface (What we have been taught and shown) you have no idea whats in the deep. (What you independently verify through independent research using your intellect, discernment and your senses!)

What we can do is be an example in a world where there are many false lights, money prophets and expectations of grandeur. Real love still exists and should be shared whenever possible. The smallest act of kindness can mend a broken spirit!

Got reality blockers? Its not in us to ignore things we have the power to influence or change with our gifts and insight from the creator above! Politicians work for those who FINANCIALLY put and keep them in power. Corporations run off profit and the life time hours of people who can barely afford to live. 9.2% of the world survives on less than $1.90 a day. 97 million people were pushed into extreme poverty in 2020.

While some kids are upset they do not have the latest console system, there are kids excited to drink clean water for the first time. There are families who had everything they wanted yesterday but today do not exist. Over 14,200 children under 5 die daily from preventable causes such as poverty, hunger and lack of clean water. Be grateful and open to make positive impacts for others.

It's time for children and adults to see their place in the world (positively) and not from the eyes of colonizers, corporations AND creatives who ultimately compromise their inner being to sell the worst side of themselves for dollars and material gain. Just like they are changing history today with legislation on what should be taught in schools, everything we have learned was specifically crafted for us to see the world from a certain perspective.

There is no award or music chart that can replace the drive we have to build people up with our gifts and experiences. Our motivations, talents and abilities set us apart naturally so it opens us up to broader thinking than others concerned or completely involved in a slow decrepit industry.

We've been helped many times and are only alive today by grace so its our mission to help others as much as possible. Its nothing like surprising people who expect nothing!

Being an artist and putting words and images into the hearts & minds of people is nothing to be taken lightly. Our passion lies in putting fresh faces and positive messages (New/Refreshed Artists) in front of people who need hope, love and inspiration in their life. Things are too real on earth for the fake connections! Now is the time to use your voice and actions for good.

People are in need every second of every day! We think it sucks that many with much feels fulfilled by giving canned foods and maybe a turkey once a year. Being in a giving mindset daily puts you in the mindset of a great artist.

Capitalism and the core pull and mentality it sets about on society is cancerous. We believe we were created to help each other, love each other and live in line with the laws of nature and commands established by our creators words. We should treat others like we would want to be treated right? A system of oppression, debt and greed always comes to a crashing end.

A definitive line is being drawn on earth. We have some of the weakest politicians, "celebrities" and world leaders ever. The weather has been compromised (haarp, chemtrails, cloud seeding etc), the ocean, our food sources (monsanto, new crops, gmo etc), history (a group of people on earth literally do not know who they are, Jesuits), natural cures and herbs (Flexner report, Big Pharma), family structures (UN -10 point plan) etc.

One day all matters will be settled and the corrupt leaders will no longer hold their oaths and power over the good. Until then we will do our work to help spread positivity, hope and as many smiles as possible.

Now lets get to work! Logical Smiles! Progressing music, progressing people!

The righteous considers the cause of the poor; but the wicked regards not to know it. Proverbs 29:7

Initiatives for 2024 & Beyond:

  • Feed people (Food, Knowledge and Vibes that promote peace, a greater sense of community, awareness and overall well being.)

  • Implement innovative ideas that provide long term opportunity and change. (ex. One pass is more than what someone has made all month in a lot of places. If we funded beach clean up crews and ocean awareness campaigns, It would instantly create employment and also make our oceans and beaches less polluted. We saw a full sized sofa in the ocean we knew we had to take action! 

  • Inspire and highlight young talented and determined leaders with opportunities that will expand their knowledge and application of it to better their community and professional outlook.

  • Bring together diverse groups of talented thinkers to solve problems and build positive gateways for the present times.

  • Produce, develop and direct a new generation of mission-minded artists, musicians, producers and creatives.

  • Fulfill purpose, missions and execute vision with grace the creator willing!

What we know to be true:

  • Music is too big to be held to standards and confines of bureaucracy, its time for something new!

  • The music industry is no different from the modern food industry, profits come before quality and consumer safety.

  • Farming and what we eat or have available to eat is as important as ever!

  • The ocean is important along with local water sources!

  • Start-up funding is essential to marginalized generations and communities growing and self-sustaining.


Octave Says:

  • There are always people in the world experiencing poverty.

  • Fortunately for these people, many still find happiness.

  • Tomorrow is not promised and to expect otherwise takes away from the gift of presence and opportunity.

  • If time (from The Creator) is not the most valuable thing you have, slow down and find yourself.


Scripture Says: 

  • Has not Elohiym chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that love him? James 2:5

The ocean and its inhabitants do not need our trash! Lets clean it up!

  1. Sewer Debris

  2. Litter Cities & Towns

  3. Coastal Trash

  4. Fishing Equipment

  5. Shipping Materials

  6. Industries

  7. Beach Litter


sources of litter.jpg

Lets make changes today! Less and less plastic!

The ocean influences almost all the water on earth. Water evaporates from the ocean, leaves the salt behind and becomes rainfall over land. Water from melted snow ends up in rivers, which flows through estuaries and meets up with saltwater. Fertilizerspesticides, and other wastes, seep into the ground after a rain and then stream into rivers and ultimately into the ocean.

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