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Music Is Therapy

Music is a unique gift that transcends its many misuses! Music can instantly transport an emotional state into being more positive, stress free & inspired to move forward. (Especially when the music feeds life into someones spirit!) The only time some people feel human love, have good memories or feel connected is with  music. We are here to spread as much as we can!

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. Psalms 105:2

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Schools/Learning Centers

Introducing music therapy programs enhances focus, creativity and learning while also reducing stress and anxiety, helping students to concentrate. Workshops teach students to PLAY instruments promoting cognitive development, dedication and sharp musical minds.


Widows/Vulnerable Adults

Music therapy sessions (individual or group) allow participants to explore their emotions and evoke positive memories through music. Organizing music-based social events combats loneliness and provides a sense of community & purpose.

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Homeless Families/Veterans

The anguish of homelessness can be a real squeeze!  Release some of the tension with music therapy! Creating supportive music therapy groups & free concert and community events foster joy, a sense of belonging and provides an outlet for positive emotional release. 

Image by Markus Spiske

Prisons/Detention Centers

"Its just entertainment" has led many astray and into graves!  Music rehab programs help inmates bond,  develop spiritual strength,  coping skills, enhance cognitive and social abilities while  also providing a constructive outlet for emotional management and healing. 

Image by Zachary Nelson

Youth Centers/Teen Programs

Music studios  & recording workshops boost creativity, self-esteem and offer a positively rewarding emotional outlet.  Mentorship with working musicians teach professionalism, useful skills and encourages personal growth and development.


Orphanages/Children's Homes

Interactive concerts within or outside the facilities allows children to participate and enjoy music therapy in a fun & engaging way. Music-based storytelling convey important messages helping children process and understand their emotions.

Under The Influence!

Whether in stores, churches, on hold, in movies or ads music is used to influence, compel or guide feelings & thoughts in the moment impacting emotions subconsciously. People can't be influenced as intricately without music! Music sets, tunes or enhances the pulse of how people move, desire, feel or perceive things. With healing, understanding and inner peace being  focus, the impact of music therapy would be profound to people plagued with soul sinking music, therapy that denies the spirit world and medicines that don't bring health. 

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