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Music Is Therapy

Music is a unique gift to us all! Outside the context of the glamorized monetary side, music has many healing properties and can instantly transport an emotional state into being more positive, less stressed and inspired. (Especially when the music is feeding life into someones spirit!) The only time some people feel human love, good memories and connection is through music. Were here to spread and provide as much as we can!

Image by Zachary Nelson

Youth Centers/Teen Programs

Incentive Program- One Free Vibe

Whether its writing Octave to tell him how music helps them in life/10 positive things they made happen during the week/doing positive things in the neighborhood/beach cleanups, shifting focus etc!

Family Portrait

Veterans/Domestic Survivors

One Free Vibe a Month

The mental anguish a veteran feels after military service can be devastating! From injury, service combat to harassment, there are a myriad of issues that plague millions. Lets release some of the tension by using music as therapy.

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School can be pretty boring without music  programs and instruments! As the world progresses, music becomes more intertwined in everything we do, see and hear! Learning simple things about intellectual property is important for future artists, musicians and creators all over!

Diasporan Survivors

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