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"Find your sound, find your audience"

Projects, budgets, and needs are unique. Our passes are thoughtfully created to meet them all!

"Always cooking and looking to Vibe!"


Whether in need of an artistic spark or ready to update your sound or approach to being an artist, we got you covered! Need help finding your sound? 

Sun - Thurs 1pm-3pm & 10pm-1am EST

Great Artistry Deserves Space

 Launch Spring 2025!

The Logical Vibrations Difference

Every legendary artist, label, game etc. needs its own theme music and vibe! We are driven and strategically built to connect creatives with their audience, as the best version of themselves. Sometimes the intended connection gets lost when the vibe or feeling is off, not complete or inconsistent. With music, consistency can even become mundane! The secret to mainstream music is that most artists receive reference tracks (Partial or full song ideas to record) or have a vocal coach/producer that makes sure the artists performance is spot on. The bigger an artist, the more the label and artist seeks fresh songs, concepts, marketing ideas and the best vocal producers.

We focus on the details that matter the most for each unique situation. Octave invited some of the industries most reclusive and sought after marketing, artist development, and songwriting masters to build the foundation and future of Logical Vibrations! Our strongest qualities is being able to listen, assess, give feedback with instruction and deliver exceptional results that connect and feels special! Your artistic desires, passions, musical upbringing, tastes and sensibilities lead us into personalized service that's priceless, unmatched and only available here!

Artist Rehab Inpatient service's comes with Octave's 100% satisfaction guarantee! Much time, energy and detail is expended on creating the best experience possible, we can only accept and invite artists that accentuate our vibe, our values, has impeccable dedication to their craft and talent that inspires us to produce.

Ideas - Inspiration - Improvisation - Innovation

Our Professional Artist Development Service saves time and is a modern evolution of writers camps 

Social media numbers is not a deciding factor (Followers Do Not = Real Support)

We help you create or "perfect" a product or formula that will garner genuine support from intended audience

Vocal production with instant results (We have the earths freshest ears and sharpest brains here!)

There will be an immediate difference in how an artists music feels and sounds to a listener (Pro Sound)

You will get the best feelings and emotions in your performance

We find the balance between polish and natural edge and create vibes to accentuate personality

Tailored Vibe samples, references and demos within 12 hours 

Options For Royalty Free Songwriting/Hooks (Top Lines)

Our directors have years of experience directing and tuning artists professionally. Minor suggested changes make a major difference in feel and audience reception.

Smart and successful marketing begins and ends with an essential and exciting product in front of or in the hands of the people its made for. Your audience is waiting!

Its showtime! We morph your sound, musical tastes and sonic persona with a colorful mix of flavorful instrumentation! A fresh sound is born into musical time & space.  

A fun and productive process that focuses on creating the best music possible! Cohesion and completion is the goal! We courier your musical vision into a tangible, polished product.   

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