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Directors Corner

Are you an independent artist that takes their craft seriously? Are you an inspired newcomer that understands the importance of having a unique sound and style?

Logical Vibrations was established by a team of industry friends and professionals whose gifts, insight and passions outgrew the "industry" and led them to create a community such as this.



Having a sound captivating enough to draw in new listeners and take them on a first class flight is essential to becoming established and marketable. As a "pilot" (artist-content creator), whose planes have you been flying? For years, producers have been going to the same destinations over and over; aren't you tired of the repetitive trips with the same bumps and flat soda? If your tracks sound like what's currently popular and trending, you're offering your potential "passengers" destinations they've already explored. Metaphorically, you're providing the same pretzel and beverage service they can get elsewhere. People seek NEW and refreshing musical journeys & expressions! Its what fuels the industry and creates real opportunity on the business side.


The Problem



There are too many talented artists pushing mediocre, duplicated, and dated music; hoping people latch on to it and make it a part of their life. What unique qualities do you possess that differentiate your brand or feel of music from everyone else? Confidence is cool; learning the bare essentials of business and seeing your content, like any other new product, being introduced into a market by a new brand should help tune your understanding. If it's not fresh, it just "fits in" with everything else that's been here! Fitting in does not move the industry, your career or music forward; it is actually what's caused the pileup of duplicators we see today.


Taking the time to understand EXACTLY what it is that YOU need & what you want to accomplish once you have it, is essential to fulfilling your vision. Lack of understanding = signing contracts too early = music and art becoming a prison for the people setting out to express themselves through it.


Major Labels


A record deal is nothing more than a business agreement telling YOU how business will be done moving forward. It can be one page or eighty plus pages! By not having your own sound/commercially viable catalog/a proven formula to make "hit" songs, you do not have any negotiating power with labels and your career will be dependent on other peoples' time and money to develop a product of value. If a major label has to "develop" your sound, they will make their demands and take ownership! If you have it developed up front, you make your own demands!

Entertainment lawyers go through contracts to make sure there is nothing "out of the ordinary" and that things are standard. Standard has never been in favor of the creative. Its not their job to tell you that! It does not make sense to sign ANYTHING that YOU do not FULLY understand and will be obligated to for the life of your career. "Its only "the game" to those that don't understand the business!"


Undeveloped talent equals financial "risk" in a labels eyes. An advanced loan (based on your potential) is traditionally spent on studio time/touring/writers camps/producers/travel/writers/videos/living expenses; all while trying to find some "magic" that will work commercially. Every cent of all expenses plus additional fees like marketing & advertising is taken directly from (and only) the artists cut of any incoming revenue to pay back the loan and other fees associated with the creation of the content.

Many artists go broke, run out of money or just never receive another check because the label has tabulated fees beyond what the artist could ever recoup. None of the created content is guaranteed to be commercially viable and an artist can be released from contract or pushed to the side. Artists and producers usually have no say in when music is released or when they get paid. This long road leads many artists into being coerced or feeling the need to create and promote music that goes against who they truly are as a person just to "make it". It has happened for decades; especially to artists of color who have given so much to music.


Our Answer

Industries are based and built on limitations. Limitations from workers, machines, technology, and most importantly innovation or lack there of. Once upon a time, radio was essential for being heard, magazines for interviews, storefronts for compact discs, television for video content and record labels for distribution. Fortunately, the internet came along and made things, which were once "the only way", one of many ways! Like college, a record deal is good when it makes sense. There's no need for middle-men anymore! Create something of value and get it in front of the people its for! 

Independent collaboration is the future of the music and entertainment industry. Logical Vibrations provides a way to keep up with all the output opportunities available in the modern era, without having to worry about unfair limitations and restrictive contracts. Focus on your sound and it will bring you the business, vibes, knowledge and accessibility to producers that can shape and build instant equity. Speaking of producers..

"On the road to success there is a difference in a artist looking for a producer to get beats and an artist looking to be produced." The art of extracting the golden qualities/building music that saturates and ignites creative juices/balancing tension and release between cadence/knowing where to stretch tones and inflections,/having confidence and the right presence/precise timing and intent/keeping the listeners ear for the duration of the trip AND after.. This is the kind of production that we offer.

An Escape

We are a safe and uplifting community focused on giving, promoting growth, sharing knowledge, positive vibes and being here for creatives. There should never be any barriers, crazy contracts or gatekeepers between creators collaborating and creating the best music possible!

By providing insight, sonic innovation, a la carte developmental services and personal guidance for any level career, we have effectively made a monumental shift into the hands, hearts and minds of the modern creative!

Always fresh Vibes

What we know, You know

100% to charity keeps humility flowing

We are built on imagination and innovation

Artist development=Developing a product of value

Logical Vibrations!

'Tomorrow's sounds, Today'

Award Winning Producers & SongwritersGuest Collaborations with the Industries Top Sound Designers Vibes Composed to Fit Any Need*Professional and Supportive EnvironmentArtist and Indie Label Consults (Always Private)Vocal Production & Artist Sound DevelopmentFree Listening- Feedback- Recommendations!

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