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Version 01.01 Sea Skimmer
History &

Drop in for exciting opportunities, updates & changes made to enhance overall value, interactions, new areas, services & offerings that strategically empowers our community to grow and stay inspired to share their gifts and talents positively!


*Thoughtful feedback helps to shape future updates, services and opportunities that benefit the community! 


selection of vibes that only get fresher with time!

Low Yearly cost as prices to live & eat are wild. Community of sharing!

Closed community of good hearted people who love the Creator!

Operation Sea Skimmer

Ver.0101 Launch Winter 2023

Skimming the currents, avoiding sea monsters & pirates, cutting through the pollution and noise to introduce Logical Vibrations to select creatives, families and musicians across the earth!

We've set sail! As we cruise to new destinations we will implement new phases of operations and expansions of our service, sound & mission on earth! Relax and enjoy the Logical Vibrations experience! Team LV!  Somewhere drifting

Sending invites to vip creatives & businesses

Establishing presence, purpose & mission

Building relationships & gaining feedback

Seeding a new era of clean & fresh music

*If you receive an invitation please follow your specific instructions. 

Abstract Linear Background

Game Over

Unplug From Fools GOLD

Just because you don't believe something does not mean that there aren't people in the world committed to doing and perpetuating evil that affects everyone! Dystopia has always been here (its why the movies resonate so much).. When feelings & opinions are removed you see things for what they are.

Cassette Tape

Are You THE Artist?..

Besides the millions of positive creatives in reach, were in search of 6-10 spectacular artists that

get/fit us! Must exude humility, tenacity, focus, character & modesty + not currently be signed to crazy label contracts.

Lets Cook 

Pro Work

Demo Work

LV Projects

Artist Rehab Services

Artist Development

Test Future Offerings!

Artist Rehab is a professional music development and care program that nurtures artists into a positive place delivering their best work. 

Send us your best vibe for feedback & consideration!

Tropical Beach

"Servicing creatives, our communities & peoples with insight, love and compassion!"    

Image by Lawrence Crayton
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Scott Taylor

Setting forth examples we want to see in the earth! 

Family Friendly

Music today is full of wicked imagery, lyrics and spirits that reflects society's open rejection of the creators way. We cater to those who care about what goes in their mind, heart & spirit.

Making Way

Setting a standard and example for how to treat musicians, people and the earth! Our works and faith is a testimony of love of our creator through actions in this unprecedented time of ignorance!

Leaving Behind

The violence, lack of respect and morals, any "n" word usage, drug promotion, things that degrade the souls of people. Fresh vibes demand a fresh perspective! We uplift and promote life!

"Whats from us, should be for us!" -Octave

Let us know your feelings, thoughts and
how we could better serve
the community/your creative flow?

Thanks for your feedback!

Don't let fear, social media, worries drown you out! We implore creatives to swim safely, put the creator first and have fun creating & sharing your gifts! Whether wading in community pools or wanting to swim with aggressive dolphins we help you find your flow!      

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