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"Produce artists and passion not beats!" Octave

A smart way to show the world your worth as a "producer" is to develop artists and produce music with special meaning. This route brings freedom and as much work as you choose to take on! Producers get treated like water fountains in the industry, everyone wants a cold drink but when it's time for service nobody's around or knows who to contact! The industries underhanded business ways tainted the natural flow of artistic expression and turned music into a poisonous soulless spectacle. Music in the past was used for uplifting, celebrating, solidarity, storytelling and most importantly to maintain spiritual balance with our creator. Today we see death coming from speakers to the front doors of artists AND producers using their gifts to feed this destructive cycle. Many say attention spans have changed, yet older music is still around and played heavily. Reality is.. Fad (sex, money, streets) music is self extinguishing and can no longer exist against reality manifested in the world. There are millions of beat makers & artists on earth, but how many make art that resonates beyond expectation? People need real music again! (Bob Marley isn't here to ask people to play his songs, they just do!) When its real it will always be relevant! No theory, software, industry placement or cosign can get you there, just passion! Without it you will never have the heart to feel or express the full spectrum of music, have beats with no feel or connection & no tenacity or motivation to study and expand your knowledge or ears to become great! Ignorance remains choice for many as group voice is more comfortable than a single voice. We're here for the single voices!

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Play Without Rules!
 Interact with music, your inclinations and ability to dialogue will grow. Music from the heart/soul is what stays with people. Expand
your palate & play!

Enhance Your Flow
Whether you become a sonic chameleon or a duck, Put together a collection of inspiring sounds, apps or equipment to get your ideas out efficiently.

Spread Your Passion
Gift's aren't just for you! Creatives are sensitive to things others aren't. Guide artists with care & to speak reality not things people can never connect with! 

 Push Your Musicality Forward

Push Better sOngs Forward

Push Better Business Forward

Producer Push Spring 2023

Want to push into new realms as a producer! Whether new or
pro, developing your ear as a musician and widening your insight on modern opportunities relative to your interests and skills are essential! We
 push artists to consider the words/energy they spread on earth! We push for pay avenues and respect for producers the backbone and canvas creators for the industry and music world. Ready to push? Push Pass coming spring 2023!

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